Boys will be boys. (Photo: Big Brother, Facebook)

Big Brother recap: A rona crisis that … wasn’t

Big Brother arrived this week with teasers of COVID-19 and how it changes the game. Spoiler alert: it didn’t, at all.

For about 10 minutes, we watched the housemates discuss the cameras being turned off, they were given a game of Uno and then it resumed to normal after their tests came back negative.

All that build up for nothing.

So after that let down, the week brought some new and exciting tasks finally.

BB gave the housemates the rewind, pause and fast forward task. It was the first time we, the viewers, or the housemates had seen Kieran run, or do anything physical in the slightest. Unfortunately, the humour in it was overshadowed by Dan and Mat continuously making jokes about his level of fitness and they came across as plain mean boys.

Chad and Sophie — or as Marissa dubbed them, Dumb and Dumber — are given a one-month anniversary date from BB with poached eggs, champagne and avocado. Cue the drools from housemates locked inside and the target BB just drew on their back.

The housemates make their disdain obvious, with comments like, “Don’t these romances never last anyway?”

It’s true. But still, coming from Dan, I tried not to laugh. The production team love to show us Casey’s scrunched-up face and I wonder if she has another facial expression at this point.

Come the nomination task of holding yourself up like a plank and Casey wins by promising Sophie she won’t put her up for eviction. She’s true to her word and Kieran and Marissa get the noms. Kieran dodges another bullet and Marissa is voted out unanimously. Her parting gift: how long to put the lasagna in the oven for, really cementing why she calls the housemates dumb.

The weekly task had three of the four couples working with manure and licking flavoured chips, unless you were Mat and Kieran, with the latter telling us all what we already knew: he hates any work of any kind and prefers to have his mum tell him when he needs to brush his teeth and shower. Mat and Kieran had the luxury of wearing face masks and eating nibbles. I still don’t know how no one has taught them how to properly apply a face sheet.

Er, it doesn’t work if its not on, Mat. (Photo: Channel 7)

For the last nomination task of the week, Big Brother asks the housemates to hold onto a metal-like contraption that shifts them on to a 45 degree angle. Dumb and dumber are against each other in the end and Sophie (perhaps the least dumb of the pair) wins.

She nominates Kieran (the usual vote) and Casey. Her plan is for the nominations to cause a divide and for her to be the deciding vote. It works and she votes Casey out.

At this point, I’m fairly certain Kieran has a good chance of winning it — the most voted for nominations and the most talked about for his annoying habits and yet he lives to see another day.

With the house down to six people left, it’s an easy game. Kieran and Sarah have the power but do they have the ability to actually win a task?