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Big Brother recap: Lockdown ahead!

This week’s Big Brother brought the second eviction of fan favorite, Angelicious.

By now, we know BB would have preferred to put her back in the bunker but it’s been done before. In fact, just last week. So it was time to say goodbye.

Shane was evicted as well but no one was really bothered by that as he didn’t really interest anyone but the housemates. He was the ‘nice’ guy and if we have learnt anything in the 21st century: nice guys don’t get what they want.

Ange called them all out before her exit, telling them to “start using your brains and play the game” and she also threw in some magnificent one liners at Casey. “If I wanted to know how to get a tan, I’ll ask you”.

Twitter and I agree.


In a side note, Dan — the failed AFL statistic — had his ex-girlfriend pop up on the lounge screen to tell him she loves him again. I am confused. I thought he was with the blonde mean girl who got kicked out early on?

Following the two evictions, the game is clearly all for Dan, Mat, Xavier and Casey.

Casey is the girl you wish your boyfriend wouldn’t hang around with but they keep telling you she’s like one of the boys and you shouldn’t be worried. It was called out by Ange that they should be breaking them up and in Ange’s words the “dum dums” are starting to realise it.

Hannah discusses with Sophie and Sarah in the bedroom: “What Angela said last night is so true – Mat, Xavier and Dan have control of the vote. They have control of everything and everyone.

“We really have to target the boys, we’ve got to split them up.”

This would have been great. It’s what as a woman, I hope they do every year BB airs. It’s what the females don’t do, unfortunately.

Kieran starts his day by telling Dan, Mat and Xavier that he is gunning for Casey. They immediately tell her and there goes her biggest mistake so far. She runs to Kieran to confront him, this sends the other three amigos into a frizzy. They know it puts a target on them because now Kieran cant trust them and they cant trust Casey.

Casey panics and starts crying, she knows she has just signed her eviction from the amigos. We know the game has just shifted and its about to become a boys club.

Sorry Casey, you’re out.

The nomination task calls the housemates to the dungeon again. Honestly, Dominos, BB? What happened to challenges they used to have on Friday nights!? The punishments? This season of Big Brother just isn’t hitting the feels.

Xavier and Dan win the game and BB advises that with only 10 housemates left only two people are nominated. No more swing vote.

The boys nominate Sophie and Hannah, making it an even game, Hannah has Marissa and Sarah but Chad and Sophie are in a BB relationship so Casey may be the decider. Chad is very upset he may lose his fan. I mean, girlfriend.

The boys tell Casey she needs to vote for Hannah to be evicted. In a shock to all viewers, Casey says she is friends with Hannah. She delivers her first smart conviction – she thinks Sophie is more dangerous then Hannah and doesn’t want to vote their way. In a not-so-interesting twist, the boys tell Casey she was almost nominated by them, so basically feel lucky.

You can tell they’re trying to have her feel fear and manipulate her into voting their way: gaslighting at its finest on BB this year. Casey vents to Big Brother in the diary room: “It feels like a dictatorship.”

You just know BB is rolling his eyes wanting to say “Duh Casey”.

Chad warns all the housemates if they vote for Sophie, he will go for them next week.

Did I mention he has never won a challenge? I would be shaking in my boots.

Not surprisingly but disappointing, Casey sticks with the amigos and votes Hannah out. She has no girl code or back bone and our beloved Hannah is kicked out.

Poor Hannah, she didn’t really get a chance

In the preview for next week, the housemates learn about a confirmed COVID-19 crew member. Filming is shut down and the housemates are left in the house. Here’s to hoping we can take back some power and start voting out.