A bizarre Australia Post delivery on the roof of a home in Sydney's North West

Hills mum finds parcel delivery on roof

A mum in Sydney’s North West has found an Australia Post delivery unexpectedly on the roof of her house.

Merryl Lloyd, a resident in Sydney’s Hills District, arrived home on Friday afternoon to find a package had been delivered except it was on the roof of her Castle Hill home.

In an interesting twist, the postal worker had left a note explaining the parcel was “accidentally thrown” on the roof and advised Mrs Lloyd to use a broom to retrieve it.

Mrs Lloyd, a Castle Hill local of 23 years, told Hatch:

“My friend and I got home from shopping and she told me that I had a parcel as there was a red card in the screen door, that’s when I read the note, I looked up and found the parcel.”

Mrs Lloyd found the Australia Post parcel on the roof of her Castle Hill home (Photo: Merryl Lloyd)

A confused Mrs Lloyd took photos of the bizarre delivery and shared it on her Facebook page. She also posted it on the Hills District Mums Facebook group that has over 19,000 members.

Members of the HDM Facebook group responded to the post with over 1,200 likes and 200 comments in 4 hours. It has since been shared to the Bubs Warehouse Facebook page where it has over 2,500 comments and 1,000 shares.

Mrs Lloyd has since retrieved the parcel.

“I got an extension mop and made several attempts and swung it around until finally it [the parcel] flew off and it landed in the garden.”

“The package feels like clothes, so I don’t think anything is broken.”

Mrs Lloyd plans to report the incident to Australia Post.

Hatch contacted Australia Post for comment but has received no reply.

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