Coffee and business a perfect blend

Hugh Jackman is quoted as saying, “To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.” Like Wolverine, I dare say most people agree with singing praise to the humble espresso.

With Australia’s love for a good quality coffee (or five) in their day, it makes sense that more and more businesses are integrating cafes into their structure.

This “business-in-a-business” model is seen all over Sydney, from car dealerships, to department stores and even niche businesses – like the Harley Davidson store in Brookvale, Sydney.

“Harley Davidson wanted to open a cafe and were impressed when they visited our Dee Why cafe,” said John, the owner of the cafe, 21 Grams.

“It’s pretty cool, the Harley Davidson store is across the road from a school so we get lots of kids who like to grab a coffee and check out the bikes at the same time.”

This type of partnership is proving successful with more and more businesses taking the opportunity to lease out cafe space at their locations all over the city.

“It’s convenient, makes business sense, and really enhances the whole experience,” said Deborah, who regularly gets her hair done at Cleveland’s Salon & Cafe in Redfern.

“You can even get a scotch on the rocks at Cleveland’s, I love it.”

One of the Inner West’s newest additions to the trendy cafe scene is Barberchino on Enmore Road.

Barberchino was a traditional “cut throat” barber shop for six years. But when the economy and high city rent put the pressure on, the new owners decided they needed to offer something new. So renovations were made and a cafe was set up at the front of the salon.

Hatch visited the new look Barberchino and had a chat with senior barista, Kitty. – Tom Livingstone