CCTV footage of the gunman attempting to shoot the driver of another car. (source: NSW police)

Find “brazen, aggressive and reckless” gunman before he kills, plead cops

A gunman driving a Mercedes has been linked to two shootings in public places in Sydney and police fear someone will be killed if he’s not stopped, detectives said today.

The two shooting incidents, that occurred in December and January, both endangered the lives of young children, Detective Superintendent Rob Critchlow told reporters at the Curtis Cheng Centre in Parramatta.

Police released CCTV footage of the gunman shooting at a family home and a luxury car in Arncliffe and Revesby in the city’s south-west.

DS Critchlow said footage from both incidents suggested the car from the first shooting had been disguised and used in the second shooting as well.

“Wrapping vehicles is a growing trend,” he told Hatch. “We strongly believe that the vehicle is the same car with some kind of covering.”

The white Mercedes in the footage is believed to be the same car but has been wrapped to make it black. The gunman had an accomplice with him, both men wearing black with their faces covered.

“The person was very clearly trying to injure or kill the person driving the car,” said DS Critchlow.

“You don’t fire a gun at that proximity to someone without the intention to kill them.”

Link to the CCTV video of the attack on January 4.

The car being shot at contained a seven-year-old and a nine-year old.

During the first incident, a number of shots were fired at a home which had two children sleeping inside, aged two and three.

“These are serious offenders, with no regard for public safety,” DS Critchlow added.

“They are happy to run through the streets, fire guns at homes and cars that contain children.

“We really want to stop these people before anybody is injured, particularly children.”

He said he feared ‘that someone innocent will die’ if they don’t track down whoever is behind the attacks.