Five reasons Sam Kerr’s the world’s best

Here are five reasons Sam Kerr is the world’s best footballer: Ability, humility, hard-work, positivity and she’s a leader.

But, if that’s not enough, check out the videos of her five most jaw-dropping displays of football listed below.

The Women’s World Cup 2019, starting tomorrow, has the potential to turn the on-fire goal scorer into one of Australia’s biggest global stars.

Her former coach Mano Psanadoulakis, the juniors technical director at the Western Knights, told Hatch he believes Kerr will be the key to getting the Matildas out of the group stages.

“She has an absolutely natural talent, no one taught her – she just knows.”

From her stunning volleys to her signature backflips, the West Australian is one of the greatest footballers to watch on the pitch, with her repeated highlights garnering millions of views on YouTube.

Alongside the many accolades she has won, she is a darling of social media and football fans around the world.

But are her viral videos and online popularity enough to earn her the title ‘best’ footballer in the world?

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Kerr started from humble beginnings, growing up in East Fremantle, Western Australia, a devoted AFL fan.

Part of a sports-orientated family her older brother Daniel Kerr and Father Roger Kerr were both professional Aussie rules footballers.

Her football career began in 2006 at Perth’s Western Knights. Aged just 12 she stayed with the Football West State League Division One club for three years before moving to the national W-league team Perth Glory.

Psanadoulakis, who coached Kerr as a junior from the ages of 12 to 14, thinks her natural ability will be the difference between the Matildas having an OK run or an exceptional one.

“When she came to us I knew straightaway that she’s going to play for Australia,” he told Hatch.

“She wasn’t the most skillful player on the ball, but she had the ability to read the game.”

Since then Kerr has played for many different professional teams, both in Australia and America. From Perth Glory 2008-2011 to Western New York Flash, 2013-2014. She returned to Perth Glory in 2014, then moved to Sky Blue FC for 2015-2017 and finally to the Chicago Red Stars, where she has been since last year.

Along the way Kerr has accomplished some mighty feats.

In 2009 she was voted Player’s Player and awarded Goal of the Year for her long-range effort against Sydney FC in round 8.

She competed against and bested the likes of footballing superstar Aaron Mooy, NBA all-star Ben Simmons and golfer Jason Day, in becoming the face of Nike’s Australian sports campaigns for 2019.

Along with these feats Kerr has some very memorable moments in her decade-long professional career.

Sam’s Top Five Hits

1) A nine-goal blockbuster that shook the NWSL in 2017. After being 3-0 down after half-time Kerr’s team, Sky Blue FC were set for defeat. However Kerr really kicked it into gear, scoring four goals in 49 minutes of football, helping her team win 5-4 in one of the greatest comebacks in football history.

2) Everyone loves a screamer. How about scoring one for your country? Kerr, playing for the Australian National team in a match vs China hit a right foot screamer from outside the box. 
3) Another goal of complete brilliance. Her bicycle kick from just outside the edge of the six yard box for Sky Blue FC in 2017 sank the Orlando Pride . This goal while being absolutely stunning was also a key in putting her team in front.
4) Scoring a hat-trick is always a spectacle to watch. Especially when it’s done within 15 mins and to win a game 3-2. Kerr pulled of a miracle scoring three goals against FC Kansas City.
 5) Scoring goals isn’t anything new to Kerr, and this next moment is a testament to that. In Kerr’s 6th year in the NWSL, she became the first ever player to score 50 goals in the NWSL. However, as per usual for Kerr, this wasn’t done in a normal fashion, scoring her 49th, 50th and 51st league goals in the same game, against her former club, Sky Blue FC.

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Kerr is more than just a phenomenal player on the pitch.

She has many powerful qualities off the pitch.

The 25-year-old connects with her fan base, taking the time to engage with her fans, staying humble and making it easy to become and stay a fan.

After the W-League final in 2017, she spent over 30 mins with fans – and that was after a demoralising defeat.

It goes to show the kind of character and humility Kerr has maintained throughout her career.

Then there’s her infectious trait of supporting a cause that is close to her heart. Most noticeably shown in her passion for the equal rights of women in sport, which can be shown in her interview with

“Its a good thing. It’s the place we want to be. You don’t really call it ‘women’s tennis’ you call it ‘tennis. At the end of the day it is sport and we are just athletes.”

Is she, or isn’t she, the world’s best footballer? You be the judge.

She’s got my vote.