How will Team FOMO go when they hit the dreaded Human Ladder? Image: Supplied

Five seconds of FOMO

A lot of hopefuls sign up for reality television in search of fame and glory.

Whether it’s a quickie marriage to a stranger, being king (or queen) of the kitchen, or coming out on top at the final “rose ceremony”,  there’s no shortage of candidates risking their reputation and private lives for the entertainment of the viewing public.

Team FOMO. Image: Supplied

For Team FOMO, signing up for Channel Seven’s Australian Spartan delivered a mere five seconds of fame, appearing only in background footage because of poor editing and program time restraints. But their fleeting appearance on the show was not without glory, as their challenge was always going to be about getting to the starting line, rather than winning the race.

This trio of dynamite athletes, who between them juggle work, parenthood, disease and family illness with obstacle course challenges around the world, hope their stories will inspire others to overcome real life obstacles and achieve their goals.

Australian Spartan – the biggest obstacle course in the country – sees teams race across a series of demanding obstacles over water, with the overall winning team taking home $150,000 in prize money.

Hatch caught up with the two local members of Team FOMO (Krysty Davies and Jason Follone) at a Sydney cafe before their episode aired last weekend, with third member, Shannon Dally, dialling in from his hometown of Perth.

While their chosen name has proved to be a prophecy, there are definitely no hard feelings regarding the brevity of FOMO’s screen time. As they explain, theirs is a genuine love for obstacle course races, which they’ll now continue to compete in, away from the cameras.

You can listen to Tom Livingstone’s interview with the trio here:

Despite having Type 1 Diabetes, Jason Follone regularly participates in hardcore obstacle courses. Image: Supplied
Krysty Davies is a mum of three who smashes any race she competes in. Image: Supplied
Shannon Dally doesn’t let distance hold him back from competing in obstacle courses like Spartan. Image: Supplied

You can follow Team FOMO’s ongoing racing adventures on their Instagram here:

Jason Follone – @ja1on

Krysty Davies – @krysty_davies

Shannon Dally – @shan_ocr_man

Additional audio from Channel Seven.