Milk bar brings a taste of the ’50s back to Sydney’s inner west

Hatch’s Genevieve Smith enjoys a spot of nostalgia with her milkshake at Daisy’s Milk Bar.

Nestled in Petersham, Daisy’s Milk Bar is a throwback to the 1950s.

With its assorted bright colours and themed decorations, this milk bar transports you to an era where jukeboxes played in the background and milkshakes were slurped well into the wee hours.

At the height of the ’50s, milk bars served an integral role in urban Australian society. Not only did they offer a popular place to hang out, but they also sold basic milk, bread, newspapers and cigarettes.

The mass production of products and the rise of supermarkets and large chain cafés put corner stores and milk bars out of favour.

Four years ago, Jess, the owner of Daisy’s, embarked on the long process of bringing back an iconic fixture of the ’50s. Seeing no need to sell newspapers and cigarettes, Daisy’s has substituted the corner store with boutique gifts and jewellery and speciality T-shirts.

Daisy’s is a family-friendly café designed with a contemporary twist. Window tables are stacked with favourite games and the kitchen serves old-time favourite shakes and ’50s-inspired dishes.

Since 2014, Daisy’s continues to grow and recently they have obtained a liquor licence, which allows them to stay open at nights and organise fun events, such as plaster painting and more.

“We have just started opening up at nights, and that has opened up a whole new aspect of the business. I just did it to give it a go and that is becoming as important as the day service.” Jess hopes that evening trading will help Daisy’s to grow and stay viable.

In the future Jess hopes to make a mobile Daisy’s truck to take to events, fairs and weddings.

But the future isn’t a sure thing, with the Olympia – a long-running milk bar on Parramatta Road – closed down eight months ago. Jess is confident that by opening at night and continually adding to the period feel of the café, she can keep Daisy’s open for years to come. – Genevieve Smith