Sean in Belmore Park about to enjoy a cigarette. His favourite colours are Blue and Yellow. (Photo: Yahn Monaghan)

PHOTO GALLERY: Just like you and me

As we carry on with our busy lives, we tend to forget that the people all around us have feelings, a family and a life – with all the intangible things that come with them.

Because of the numbing effect of everyone’s hustle, we have developed a preconceived idea that the homeless are worthy of less respect than the other strangers around us.

The shots in my series were all obtained from people in the city of Sydney. I gave no direction… the photos are as candid as possible. I wanted the juxtaposition of the simple portrait and caption to be thought-provoking and, hopefully, even relatable.

Humanising a simple personal detail, to remind us they are people just like you and me.