Profile: Budding YouTuber Lachlan Guertin

Youtubers aren’t always taken seriously by the mainstream media, but the most successful Youtube channels are big businesses worth millions of dollars.

Let’s take someone like beauty-vlogger Zoella, whose annual income has been estimated at $US900,000. That’s generated in part from sales of her products and multiple books targeted at pre-teens  (even though some of those have turned out to be ghostwritten), but also from views on her YouTube channel.

Or gaming YouTuber PewDiePie, who’s estimated to have earned a whopping $124 million since 2010.

It’s a tempting proposition for millions of young people who hope to earn a living on the popular social video channel.

Among them is Melbourne-based Lachlan Guertin, who’s racked up over 100,000 views on his channel and recently begun to monetise his content.

So how has he done it?

Q: Why did you get into YouTube?
I wanted to start a YouTube channel because I watched other people’s videos and admired their creativity and their growth. I saw how they made YouTube a career and how they gained so many opportunities from it. I also used to make home videos, music video and a bunch of random videos for school assignments so I thought that I should start making videos to put online so I would get a bigger audience and maybe it would go somewhere.

Q: What kind of videos do you make?
I like to make videos that I would enjoy watching, so things that I find funny or interesting. I’ll film things with my friends and do funny things, or talk about new music I like – such as Taylor Swift. I’ll also document events in my life like meeting celebrities, or vlogging my time at concerts. I just like to have fun really.

Q: Since starting, how many subscribers have you gained?
I have just over 1,000 subscribers which I think is really cool because I gained a lot in a short amount of time. I’m really excited for the future and I hope I grow a lot more.

Q: How much are you earning from your channel? 
I do make some money from YouTube, but only a small amount so I can’t make it my job just yet. I also can’t make money from videos that use copyrighted content, which makes it difficult because I do like to make music videos or music montages with songs in the background. But,my highest-viewed videos that make me the most money are typically when I talk about new song or albums, which is really cool.

Q: Do you feel as though there is competition between you and other budding YouTubers?
I used to compare my subcribers and my views to other small YouTubers I know, but now I just like to focus on myself and the videos I make. I think it’s really cool when I get a lot of views on reaction videos but the videos I like the best are the creative ones I come up with myself and spend a lot of time on.

Q: Do you hope to do YouTube long term?
For now, it’s just a hobby of mine and I love doing it, but I would like to do it long term and see where I can go with it. Making videos is really fun for me, and I’m excited to see how I’ll go in the future.