“Insane” is the only way to describe PNAU’s performance at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney.

It was one of just a few stops on the electronic dance trio’s brief Australian tour, ahead of this weekend’s Splendour in the Grass in the North Byron Parklands.

The night opened with the Enmore transformed into an early ’90s psychedelic rave, for the festival-ready single Changa.

(Photo: Samantha Hand)

A giant eye projected onto the front of the stage, confetti exploding into the audience and blinding lasers shooting across the room, had the crowd in the palms of PNAU’s hands from the start.

The American-Guyanese singer, Kira Divine, emerged dotted with fluoro body paint and sporting a vibrant rainbow bodysuit. Her wild hip-swinging and twerking transported the room to a neo-tribal dance party.

No More Violence evoked a politically charged chant from the audience with the lyrics, “no more violence, no more silence,” displayed across the stage. It was followed by vocalist Nick Littlemore complimenting the crowd. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” he rallied.

The spectacular light show with thumping drums and a deep feel-it-in-your-chest bass during Control Your Body, made it a crowd favourite and left the audience literally on “the edge of their minds”.

(Photo: Samantha Hand)

After the encore, the group returned to the still screaming crowd to finish with the platinum single Chameleon. The 70-minute sweat-fest wrapped up with fire shooting from the stage and strobe lights so intense they could give you a seizure.

Morgan Vozzo was also at the gig. Her take? “Their light show was amazing… the best I’ve seen”.

It was Melbourne’s turn next, while those lucky enough to have scored tickets to Splendour, caught PNAU’s set on Sunday (July 22).