Skin care industries are suffering. (Photo: Pixabay)

Skin clinics feel forgotten as Victoria reopens

Beauty salons across Victoria are campaigning for fair treatment on the back of Dan Andrews’ announcement that retail and hospitality could reopen. The beauty industry was left disappointed, however, after they were told they can only operate if masks are able to be worn during each procedure. 

The hashtag #savevicskinclinics has erupted on social media as beauty professionals reach out to Victorians to help support them in reopening.  Beauty salon owner Candice Alexopolous is one of the thousands of owners whose business is suffering.

“It doesn’t really sit very fair that men can get beard trims and we can have lip fillers but you can’t get a lip wax or a facial,” she said.

With no end in sight to mandatory mask-wearing, beauty and skincare workers will remain unable to treat people with skin conditions and unwanted hair, the former often being the result of wearing masks.

“I am zoom calling patients regularly and sending out care packs to try treat their acne and breakouts at home which are the result of masks,” said Ms Alexopolous.

“Clients are texting me at 2am, 4am, 7am when they are stressed and crying because their mental health is declining due to skin issues.”

The Aesthetic Skin Clinic posted the following on Instagram:

“Enough is enough. We have waited patiently, taken 7 months of closure, begged for financial support, opening dates, evidence as to why our industry is not in align with others that are considered a much higher risk, contacted media, our MP’s and the government with no response. For regional, it is now “safe” to mingle at a bar and restaurant with a mask off under the influence of alcohol, it is safe to head to the gym and remove your mask, the barber and remove your mask, retail and lastly, men can now get a happy ending and are also allowed to see sex workers yet you are banned from coming to us for a medical skin treatment in our sterile clinics. “

There has been no word from the Andrews Government on when mask-wearing rules will be eased, but it’s believed to be one of the final restrictions that will be eased as we open back up.