Cameron Byrnes doesn't let type 1 diabetes get in the way of living a full life. Photo: Tom Livingstone

VIDEO: Celebrity trainer takes diabetes in his stride

With over 15 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, Cameron Byrnes is one of Australia’s leading fitness professionals.

Cam has trained many high profile clients including Mel B (Sporty Spice)

He’s trained celebrities like Mel B (Scary Spice) and Larry Emdur, starred on the Channel Seven lifestyle show Bringing Sexy Back, is a regular contributor to Men’s Health magazine and is one of the faces of Rebel Sport.

Countless people have come to Cam for help with their health and fitness and he’s travelled all over the world, advocating a healthy lifestyle.

Despite this, Cameron, like over 1.7 million Australians, is living with diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is unpreventable and not associated with a person’s weight, physical inactivity or any other lifestyle factors. It is an autoimmune disease and the cause is unknown.

While the condition is with Cam for life, he refuses to let it define him, or slow him down. Following his diagnosis a few years ago he was determined to maintain his high fitness lifestyle and he is now inspiring others in the same predicament to do the same.

Hatch recently caught up with Cameron at a Sydney gym and found out how he manages his diabetes and promotes his positive message. – Tom Livingstone

Additional footage from Cameron Byrnes Instagram account/ Better Homes & Gardens/ Bringing Sexy Back

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