Best Halloween films and spooky Sydney places

Whether you’re hoarding your chocolates for a night in or getting your costume ready for a freaky night out, we have all of your halloween needs covered. From movies to spooky spots in Sydney and the best place to get your thriller groove on, here’s the only guide you’ll need this Halloween.

Fright night – The 10 best halloween movies 

The Stephen King thriller IT. (Photo: Supplied/Warner Bros)

1- The Blair Witch project: This film will having you sitting on the edge of your seat the entire time. While it has no gore or scary looking creatures, the fear in the characters eyes is enough to leave you terrified for days.

2- The Shining: A classic. The perfect combination of thriller and horror. This movie will ruin any future hotel you ever stay in. Jack Nicholson is terrifying.

3- Sinister: A lesser known fright night classic but nonetheless a true champion. A suspenseful movie with a fantastic twist at the end. You’ll never look at your children the same. Best to watch with friends and have the Frozen soundtrack on standby to play over the top of the movie to take away the scariness.

The Silence of the Lambs. (Photo: Supplied/Orion)

4- The Silence of the Lambs: The best of the best. If the IMDB rating doesn’t give you enough of an idea, this is an extremely well made film. If cannibals and psychopaths aren’t enough then the killer in this movie will really get your blood pumping.

5- The Sixth Sense: The classic line “I see dead people” sums this movie up pretty well. Seeing through the eyes of a child who can see spirits is a scary thing indeed.

6- Paranormal Activity: This one will have you afraid to go to sleep for weeks. Best to watch with friends and have the TV remote on standby.

7- Friday the 13th: An all time amazing slasher film. You’re not going to want to go camping after seeing this one.

8- The Conjuring: Truly terrifying. This film is all things freaky. It’ll have you questioning everything that goes bump or creak in the night. Not one to watch if you’re planning on a good night’s sleep.

9- When a Stranger Calls: The ultimate twist! It’ll make you rethink accepting your next babysitting gig.

10- IT: If you have a fear of clowns then I’d highly NOT recommend you watch this. IT will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, unlike other horror films, you see a lot of the clown in this one.

Places to go out in Sydney- The scariest experiences available. 

1- Luna Park Halloscream: Playing Spirited Away in the big top and scare mazes. Luna Park has often been seen as a haunted place in Sydney where mysterious things happen. Ever since the deadly fire on the ghost train in 1979, people have claimed to see the victims of the inferno wandering around the grounds at night.

Cockatoo Island. (Photo: Supplied/NSW.Gov)

2- Cockatoo Island: Ghost yard tour and horror film in the camp ground. The old ship yards at Cockatoo Island are a renowned hot-spot for paranormal activity and this night is bound to equip you with many ghost stories to tell when…or if you return home.

3- Dead house Tales of a Sydney morgue: Tales of Sydney Morgue 2019 is a mix of history, theatre and spook. This 10 cast performance will take you through the story of Louisa Collins, an alleged husband killer who’s grisly story will take you back in time to Sydney’s dark past.

4- Q Station Manly: Halloween is ghost season and knowing the spookiest places to be for when the spirits emerge is essential. Q station has been a front runner in the most haunted Australian locations for years so this experience is bound to be super spooky. Their ghost tours this halloween are led by a spirit investigator and are said to be one of the freakiest experiences this spooky season.