Everything is coming up Choupette at this year’s Met Gala

The most exclusive fashion event of the year has arrived once more, and with it came another opportunity for Jared Leto to strut around with a head as an accessory.

In 2019, Leto paid homage to the Gucci Fall 2018 runway show by attending the Gala with a replica of his head as his accompanying date.

This year, he’s continued the trend in an altogether new and show-stopping way- paying tribute to the late Karl Lagerfeld by dressing as his beloved feline and heir, Choupette.

Credit: Entertainment Tonight via Youtube

Paparazzi and spectators alike were taken aback in confusion when a giant Choupette mascot graced the infamous steps in a dramatic grab of attention.

That same confusion ceased to disappear as Leto reached up to take off the head of the costume, appearing underneath snow-coloured fur and enigmatic blue eyes.

Although the feline was unable to attend the event, bold celebrity figures (in both fashion and spirit) such as Leto and Doja Cat made sure to consider Lagerfeld’s adoration for his Choupette in their generously camp ensembles.

The award-winning musician stunned the crowds in a custom Oscar De La Renta gown that screamed of opulence and, well, Choupette.

Credit: @dojacat via Instagram

Though her first attendance at the Met Gala, Doja is known for pulling off experimental fashion moments that are something of legend- her body covered in 30,000 red Swarovski crystals at the Schiaparelli Spring couture runway show in January coming to mind.

Karl Lagerfeld was honoured on the steps of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art at this year’s Met Gala.

The theme, Karl Lagerfeld: A line of Beauty, celebrated the decades of iconic, industry-shifting designs he had fashioned under houses such as Chanel, Fendi, Balmain, Chloé, and his namesake label.

Passing away from pancreatic cancer in 2019, Lagerfeld left behind a deeply respected legacy in the fashion industry and his dear Choupette- a white Burmese cat- whom he loved dearly.