Released March 23rd, A Way Out cover art. (source


Full of twists and turns, A Way Out shows how well video games can tell gripping stories. The newest release from EA and Hazelight for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC gamers, provides a completely co-operative experience.

Players work together as the characters Leo and Vince – first names only – to escape prison and to exact revenge on their shared enemy, Harvey.

A Way Out is played co-operatively almost entirely in split-screen. (Image:

Players decide which character’s plans and ideas are best. Leo is the more aggressive of the pair, while Vince prefers to sneak around – their actions leading towards a divisive twist that turns player against player.

No matter what type of game you like, A Way Out has something for you.

One moment you will be stealthily sneaking around the prison; the next, you’ll be racing through the forest or even a hospital; then you’ll be having a ‘storm the castle’ type shoot-em-up and even an emotion-filled stand-off.

You’ll be hooked from start to end with non-stop action and incredible graphics.

It’s a quick game and has taken less than 10 hours of play time for this casual gamer and a friend to complete. A lot of this time is spent watching engaging cut-scenes that draw the players into the story. Almost no time is wasted commuting from point to point – there’s always some sort of action afoot.


If you think that may be a little short, don’t worry because there is plenty to do throughout.

Just keep an eye out for any yellow dots.

They represent someone or something you can interact with. Most of the time they’re characters you can talk to, who may or may not help you out later on in the game.

Other times you could end up throwing cards in the hospital; throwing darts in the aeroplane hanger; playing a country folk song duet on banjo and piano… and I’m sure many other activities I missed along the way.

A Way Out is easy to play with a story that really pulls you in.

It could be a little longer for those hardcore gamers who like to sink into games for hours on end… but it’s worth a look for anyone out there – gamer or not. – John Hall