Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Fallout

Light the fuse! Mission Impossible: Fallout

It’s a mission impossible not to enjoy it.

The Tom Cruise franchise Mission Impossible – now in cinemas in its sixth incarnation – has set the gold standard for action set-pieces over the last few outings and Mission Impossible: Fallout is no exception. The ageless Cruise (he just turned 56), throws himself across the screen with glorious abandonment to thrill and entertain all in the name of saving the world yet again with his Impossible Mission Force (IMF) Team.

Set two years after the previous Mission Impossible, Cruise and returning writer/director Christopher McQuarrie, hold nothing back in their attempt to wow audiences while delving deep into the psyche of Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. A returning villain haunts Hunt’s dreams, whilst a new terrorist organisation has risen out of the ashes of the defeated Syndicate.

Hunt and his IMF team must do all they can to prevent a nuclear holocaust. Series regulars Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames take their place in Hunt’s IMF team as expected. Both their characters are the heart and soul respectively of the team, giving the audience an emotional connection to what’s unfolding on screen. Fan favourite Rebecca Ferguson returns as MI:6 agent Isla Faust, and proves to be more then just Hunt’s equal as she did in Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation.

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New comers to the franchise – Vanessa Kirby, the stunning Angela Basset and Superman himself Henry Cavill – round out the ensemble cast. All appear to be in on the fun, knowing full well what genre of film they are starring in. Cavill’s improvisation of reloading his fists in the bathroom fight scene deserves its place in the film without question, while also becoming a meme sensation.

The list of stunts for which Cruise and co risk their lives is too long to mention, and describing them here would take away from experiencing it for yourself. McQuarrie has done a sterling job of balancing these creative and mind-blowing set pieces, with moments of heart and feeling that you don’t often find in blockbusters of this magnitude.

Composer Lorne Balfe adapts the immediately identifiable Mission Impossible theme into something beautiful that gracefully compliments Rob Hardy’s gorgeous and panoramic cinematography.

The Annihilation cinematographer captures some stunning imagery throughout, whilst being creative and bold during the action sequences. You won’t be disappointed. Light the fuse and enjoy. Mission Impossible: Fallout, screening in all major cinemas. Check local guides for details.