Teens will square off in the Australian Junior Championships of Magic in Melbourne this weekend. (Photo: Australian Institute of Magic)

Magic moment for spellbinding kids

Some clever and quicksilver youngsters will cast a spell in Melbourne this weekend. Hatch’s Helena Abdou and Fatima Halloum learned some new tricks.

Young Australians will showcase their magic skills in this weekend’s Junior Championships of Magic in Melbourne.

Open to entrants under the age of 18, contestants are given between three to five minutes to conduct their prepared act.

Second-time competitor Ayden’s fascination with magic began a couple of years ago on a family holiday.

“A couple of years ago, I went to Hamilton Island and I met this magician called Dom Chambers and he told me I should do this thing called AIM (Australian Institute of Magic) and then from there they asked me to do competitions,” he says.

Ayden’s mother, Lisa, says she is humbled by the support she and her son have received in the magician community.

“I’m so proud of everything that he does and how hard he works at being the best at what he does. I just think it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.”

The championships have attracted children from across Australia.

For interstate participant Thomas, 15, his love for magic is what drew him to Melbourne to compete.

“It’s a wonderful art form and wonderful passion I enjoy doing. It’s in Melbourne and the venue is wonderful and you just meet so many people.”

First-time competitor Liam was inspired by watching last year’s competition.

“Last year we came down and actually saw other people perform and that got me interested because I do magic. So this year I’m performing.”

Participants will be judged on a number of criteria including showmanship/presentation skills, originality and magic atmosphere.

The winner will take home $500 dollars and the title of Australian Junior Champion of Stage Magic 2019/Australian Junior Champion of Close Up Magic 2019.

The competition is part of Melbourne’s Magic festival, which runs from June 30 until July 13.