Mobile-friendly video editing software helps journalists stay ahead of the data explosion, writes Maria Sajulga.

Maximising the potential of the data gold rush

Tapping the data gold rush – the exploding demand for information surrounding today’s digital world of data – requires simpler, on the go skills, the Launceston Freelance Festival has heard.

New ground is being broken at a rapid rate in file-sharing and data storage technology and from iCloud to cross-device data synchronisation, technology’s potential to revolutionise industries from online libraries to digital photo albums continues to accelerate.

Dr Tim Kitchen, Senior Education Specialist of Adobe (APAC) said the different types of editors that are available for educators, teachers, graphic designers, are now on mobile, making them even more accessible.

Adobe Digital Editors allows a steady stream of channel outlets in various applications.

Adobe Premier Rush is an all-in-one, cross-device video editor that is convenient, versatile and easy.

“It is being used for social media for education, the simplest outlet is there,” he said.

Other applications such as Premier Pro and Spark Video are among the many available video editing apps.

Addressing the festival over Zoom Dr Kitchen described Premier Rush as easier than Pro and more complex than Spark.

The navigation is more versatile and a lot less complex than the Pro version. Short videos can be exported in native files and with accessible framing rates.

Dr Kitchen, who works closely with educators, presented different online resources for Adobe, he described as “one stop shops for any help or support for teachers, students, graphic designers and journalists”.

“We are building these resources for teachers in all sectors who are teaching online during the lockdown,” he added.