Cheeky banners were the order of the day at the School Strike For Climate in Melbourne. (Photo: Rabia Khairi)

Melbourne jammed for climate strike

Tens of thousands of striking school students jammed the Melbourne CBD on Friday. Hatch’s Rabia Khairi and Zakia Noori were there.

Estimates of the Melbourne crowd ranged from 20,000 people to as high as 50,000, considerably higher than turned out for last year’s first School Strike For Climate. The students were demanding action on climate change as Australian cities set the standard for a day of rolling youth protests across the globe.

One protester, Anna from St Michael’s Grammar School, said: “We don’t have a chance to vote but this way we can make our voice heard.”

Her schoolmate Tim told Hatch: “It’s a really important opportunity for the Government to hear our voices and that they need to know that the young people of Australia matter.”

Thousands rally for climate change action in Melbourne on Friday. (Photo: Rabia Khairi)

Helima, from Footscray City College, said she was striking for change.

“We need to save the planet … we only have 11 years for us to save the planet for everyone after us.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was the target of many banners and change at the Melbourne rally. (Photo: Rabia Khairi)

Another protester said: “I am here today because I want the world to change before it can’t. We need to do something, it’s the facts.”

Protesters flooded the Melbourne CBD from schools in the suburbs and from country towns. (Photo: Rabia Khairi)

The global student protest movement has been inspired by Swedish student Greta Thunberg, 16, who this week was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

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