NRL Grand Final 2019 spectators warned to keep it friendly

NRL Fans have been urged to keep their rivalry family-friendly ahead of tomorrow’s NRL Grand Final.

The Sydney Roosters are set to face Canberra Raiders as the overwhelming favourites in the 2019 NRL Grand Final tomorrow night at 7:30pm at the ANZ stadium.

Specialised police will be assisting general duties officers in an operation to ensure the safety and security of players, officials and up to 80,000 spectators.

Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell said, a large number of security guards will aid in the polices efforts to help prevent incidents in order to get fans to and from the venue safely.

“Those who choose to do the wrong thing will be dealt with swiftly – which may very well include criminal charges, fines, ejection from the ground and/or banning notices,” said Assistant Commissioner Thurtell.

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“We want everyone to enjoy themselves and celebrate their competitive spirit, but we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour or any activity that disrupts the match for other spectators and jeopardises safety.”

“Spectators need to be considerate of others during post-match celebrations; whether your team wins or lose on Sunday, There is no excuse for violence, intimidation or anti-social behaviour.”

“Excessive alcohol consumption can turn anyone into an offender or victim of crime so keep an eye on your mates and think before you drink.”

Police are also advising spectators to plan their trips ahead of time and utilise public transport services.

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– @Vaiika14