The weird and oh-so-wonderful at Winterfest 2018

From the outset – Winterfest may seem like an alien experience.

The annual medieval fair held at the Hawkesbury showgrounds presents numerous activities akin to the genre such as jousting, armed combat, birds of prey shows, period music, live-action role-playing (also known as LARPing), cosplay and much more.

Further examination reveals the main attraction of Winterfest is the people inhabiting it.

Regardless of whether you’re a participant or a gawping member of the general public, the folk of the fair are happy and having a wondrous time. It was clear that the majority of people here don’t just like the realm of fantasy and medieval – they love it – and the fair benefits tremendously from their passions.

That said, I couldn’t shake that feeling of alienation. At the end of the day, the fair is role-playing a time long past or mayhap one that never existed in the first place.

But it is supposed to be alien, that’s the point.