Is this Melbourne’s most Instagram worthy café?

It’s arguably Melbourne’s most Instagramable café.

With locations in Port Melbourne and Brunswick, Long Story Short has become famous for its Tim Tam pancakes and fairy floss dessert burger, among others.

It’s the inspiration of husband and Wife Duo Dario D’Agostino and Ly Nguyen, who’ve run the business for 2 years with the social media platform front of mind.

“Absolutely [it is the most Instagramable]. Not only is this proven from the mentions that we have received,” said Ly.

“We are a destination café and are visited by fans from all over the world.”

Their food is admired by many online and the cafe itself is clean and minimalistic, which helps create a perfect backdrop for foodies who love to take that perfect shot.

In the time the cafés have been open, their food has been tagged over thousands of times in customers’ Instagram photos and they have featured on many ‘Instagram famous’ pages.  Instagram models such as @myfriendelias and @paigedesmit have shown their Instagram followers the vibrant food that Long Story Short has to offer.

Ly states that their café is tagged in Instagram posts at least 10 times a day and several more for stories.

The store is home to The Famous Fairy Floss Burger and Melbourne’s best pancakes, the Tim Tam Pancakes. The mouth-watering pancakes are fluffy, rich with chocolate and topped with Tim Tam biscuits and gelato. A recipe for a reputable and delicious treat. Not only is this dish delicious but the work that goes into the presentation of this meal and all their others is astonishing.

Ly has even received messages from customers claiming that not only is their food Instagramable and tasty, the customers can recognise that Long Story Short invests in premium ingredients.

Head Chef Mathew Henderson prides himself on not only the taste but the presentation of the food. Even the simplest of meals came out with zest and appeal. The Poke bowl had an array of colour displayed with precision. And the Pork Croquettes are laid upon a vibrant green pea puree.

If you’re looking for something special, the Port Melbourne store offers an exclusive meal, The Red Velvet Donut Bun. This beautiful dessert looks like food from Fairyland. The Donut sits on top of a vibrant pink sauce with edible flowers and pastel meringue drops.

A visit to Long Story Short is a must, especially on an empty stomach and with a foodie friend.

Order many dishes, take many photos and create your own piece of Instagramable artwork.