Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Kirsty Webeck

Growing up, do you remember an adult saying or doing something and thinking, that doesn’t make sense? 

If anyone can relate, it’s Kirsty Webeck, who in her Melbourne International Comedy Festival show I Get It Now explores the confusing sensation of being a child and hearing an adult, particularly teachers, say something that leaves you wondering, ‘Hang on, why would you want to do that?’.

It’s an animated, side-splitting, fall-off-your-chair-laughing show, and Webeck engages with the audience constantly. It’s this engagement that keeps the audience alive and the show alive – it’s not just about her.

She makes it relatable to all ages as everyone has been to school, been a part of an environment where you’re taught, influenced and party to conversations with a teacher.

Webeck goes on by talking about her comedy and how she “got into it “ and ends the show with an amusing joke about her sexuality and how she is viewed by a person who she had everyday encounters with. Who was she mistaken for? You’ll have to see the show to find out.

During the show, she talks about her interactions with people,  about her appearance and how she has had times where she is identified as someone else – usually being misgendered.

The venue, the Imperial Hotel in Bourke Street, offers a fantastic room with one major drawback: the distraction of noise from elsewhere in the venue.

But it did not spoil the night. You will laugh, want to join in and find yourself being taken back to childhood. And not all Webeck’s shows are the same; she goes with the flow.

Kirsty Webeck, I Get It Now. at the Imperial Hotel, Bourke Street, Melbourne, until April 22