My life as an ex bikie: Moudi Tajjour


A former notorious Nomads bikie and convicted killer has recounted his life of crime in a video interview with Hatch, and said prison is no deterrent for hardened criminals.

Moudi Tajjour, 35, who spent 20 years in the Sydney chapter of the Nomads, spoke about his experiences in jail, what life outside of prison is like and how it feels to be a retired bikie.

But he said he has been shunned by the community for being a gang member and former prisoner, jailed 13 years ago over the manslaughter of Fat Pizza actor George Nassour’s brother Robin in a Sydney car park ambush.

Tajjour, who is the cousin of Sydney nightclub owner John Ibrahim, was so cautious about his safety, he insisted I go through an ID check before filming.

Watch the full interview.


Former bikie Moudi Tajjour