Young hip hop and R&B talent rock the west

An incredible all-star line-up of rap, hip hop and R&B artists will be bringing all sorts of vibes to Parramatta this weekend.

Fringe Fest, The Area Movement, Butter Parramatta, The Function Sydney, Fireball Whisky Au and Parramatta Council showcase some of the most interesting and upcoming talent from Western Sydney.

There will be four events all together.

Tonight will be at Butter Parramatta but this time will be in collaboration with Trill Sydney (previously known as one of the hottest nightclubs in Sydney, now known as one of the most anticipated party creators in Sydney) to bring a free event to Sydney.

Although the focus is on the movement made in Western Sydney or ‘the area’, people from all across Sydney are welcome to the event.

Locally known DJ’s such as DJ Discretion, Xnywolf, and Ebony Boadu will be supplying the beats with popular MC Papa Frank and as well as this, local artists such as Big Skeez, Jessica Jade and RopS1 will be performing as well.

The team behind Trill Sydney is a collective devoted to providing the best nightlife they can to the public.

Saturday is the afterparty for The Area Movement with DJ Talisha and DJ Bangs and Sunday will be hosted by Sauti Systems with 8 assorted DJ’s and artists Selasie Wussah, Maina Doe, OGM, Solly, Kenfo, R.Söze, Santoro and Xnywolf, all to bring a creative flavour to Sydney’s West.

The first event last night (Thursday) at The Function Sydney was put together by DJ Ziggy Annor and event manager Lionel Nogueiro with acts including Gabby Nacua, a neo-soul female artist from Blacktown, Delawou, a hip-hop and RNB artist from Fairfield, and Inferno, a hip hop artist from Liverpool performing.

The Area Movement gigs at Parramatta this weekend. Image: Supplied)

The Function Sydney sees the event as a scaffold for creative talent from Sydney (or beyond) and its vision is to showcase, express and share. They also want the community to take advantage of their events and use them as a networking system to promote the ‘lost art’ of personal conversation.

It was definitely what you could call an ultimate scene.

Everyone knew everyone and if you didn’t, you were introduced.

The restaurant that housed the event, Butter, offered complimentary food (free fried chicken!) and drinks for the first hour of the event and then after that it was available to buy at the bar.

There were two levels, the floor level was the dance floor, social space and bar, it was flooded with people all dressed in street wear and repped some local brands. The top level was where the DJ (Ziggy) stood providing the hottest anthems.

The three artists that performed were all lyrically talented, confident on the microphone and the crowds went crazy so make sure to check them out (the names above are hyperlinked). – @Tabitha8Chapman