Jade the Boxer (Image: Tom Livingstone)

Donating your pet in the name of science

Organ donation is a prickly topic. Some of us are for it… some of us aren’t. But what if the body belongs to your beloved family pet?

They give us endless love and affection, which is why we all dread the day our very own Fluffy or Mittens are no longer with us. So why would you think about donating their bodies?

The University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science runs an Animal Donation Program which allows you to do just that.

After they’ve gone, your pet’s body can be donated as a cadaver to help students learn how to save other animals in the future.

It’s practical, respectful and ethical.

So as hard as it is to think about the day your furry friend is no longer with you, take a look at how they could continue to make a difference to the lives of others. – Tom Livingstone