Hatch Now – Zooming in across NSW

Episode nine of Hatch Now is now live with anchor Liam Gilleland, as he crosses to reporters across the city and in the far west of NSW to hear their stories.

Emma Gillman reports on the rise of costs to art and humanities degrees – what will that look like for education in Australia? 

Abby Seaman speaks to retail workers about the amount of abuse they have been receiving from customers – has it taken COVID-19 to realise what they go through? We cross to Christa Nicola who tells us how gyms are coping after their shutdown – are people sticking to their isolation routines?

Matt Gordon speaks to a cafe owner in Sydney and tells us what a second lockdown would do for their business. Are musicians making more from the government’s job keeper scheme than their regular income? Nour Ahmed tells us more about that. And we cross to Sydney airport where Maria explains how airline employees have been suffering from travel bans.

Plus, Annika Baker tells us about the effect of facials on our skin – she speaks with a dermatologist.

All of that in this week’s episode of Hatch Now, produced over Zoom.