Former MAFs star Ines Basic. (Photo: supplied)

‘He’s not as innocent as he seems’: MAFS Ines Basic slams Sam Ball two-years after affair

Ines Basic became a breakout star on the popular Married at First Sight series after a controversial on-screen affair with co-star Sam Ball.

But two-years following the fling, Basic is still coming to terms with her abrupt split with her former boyfriend and is demanding answers.

Speaking to Hatch, the 30-year-old is asking for Sam to come out of hiding and take accountability for his part in their affair, saying she had to cop the brunt of the relationship alone.

Ines Basic still has unfinished business with her former MAFS boyfriend two-years after their break-up IMAGE: SUPPLIED

“To this day he tries to say our relationship was made up by the producers but there is only so much the producers can tell you to do,” Ines said.

“Off camera we had planned to leave the show together and start our own life as a couple. It was the first time in a while where I saw something with someone and then it ended so abruptly. He still hasn’t given me any closure.”

Ines’ comments come shortly after Sam reactivated his social media accounts following a six-month hiatus to pursue a career in the army.

The former MAFS contestant revealed his new transformation – sporting a clean-shaven chin and head as opposed to his signature long hair and thick beard.

Sam sporting his new look (Photo: Instagram @who_is_samm)

“Every few months he will go on a hiatus and come back as a big hero. This never works in his favour though because the second he is asked about our relationship or he is exposed, he goes straight back into hiding,” Ines said.

“He feeds off of this ‘mystery man’ image. I feel like he is hiding something. Either he dropped out of school in Grade 4 and is dumb, or he is gay. He needs to be true to himself and stop hiding from the truth,” she added.

Both Ines and Sam have been nominated for TV Moment of the decade for the AACTA awards and may have to share the stage if they win.

“I just want to clear the air before the awards because I have no clue how to act or how I would even treat him,” Basic said.

“If history repeats itself, he will flee the awards and I will be left standing there by myself.”

The AACTA awards take place on Friday with the MAFS duo a hot favourite to win in their category.

Listen to the full interview below:

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