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REVIEW: Ballad of the B & E

The B & E roll exposes a soft spot in Australia’s heart.

It says: ‘I want everything for breakfast in one hand so I can hold my coffee or beer in the other.’

The egg must have firm whites but the embryotic yellow should be runny enough to absorb into the pillowy lightly toasted fresh roll. Butter is optional… yet necessary. Add tomato or barbeque sauce if you like, relish is also accepted. Then, walk away and politely tell the caramelised onions and cheese to leave. If you’re a fan of the newly popular French brioche – that’s great, but please keep it away from the true B & E roll. It’s too sweet and soft and fails to uphold the structural integrity of the lucid yolk and the chassis that is the bacon.

Any mutation will be unapologetically marked harshly.

Although – opinion can be swayed… as deliciousness is universal.

Bang Bang Café.

113 Reservoir Street Surry Hills

A classic E & B with just enough wiggle room to house Bang Bang’s individual expression of the sandwich while staying true to the scripture that is the Egg and Bacon Roll. A warm buttered milk bun houses tender bacon and a sunny-side over egg that is as runny as it can be. Comes with hickory BBQ sauce or tomato relish.
Costs $8 – Tastes like $8.

Brooklyn Hide.

226 Commonwealth St, Sydney NSW 2010

A sesame seed burger bun houses this classic E & B with the additions of pickled ginger, rocket and tomato chutney. This Americanised creation is akin to replacing the arms of Venus Demilo with the novelty-sized foam hands you would get at a football game. But it is delicious.
Costs $10 – Taste like $8.

Shift Eatery.

4/241 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Very confused. I still can’t understand what a vegan café doing in the B & E business. Soy paste is moulded into the shape of animal products and served to their conflict-free patrons with sauce, lots and lots of sauce (that hints of five spice). The fact it was served on a bagel was the least offensive part of the experience. Although, if you live in the vein of the vegan and you have a craving for the porcine/embryotic holly-roll, then this should scratch your itch. Although I’m not sure we can be friends.
Costs $10 – Tastes like $6.

Le Monde Cafe.

83 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Shut the front door! Double bacon and egg all on a toasted ciabatta roll, topped with garlic aioli for $9?! It’s not pretty, but I honestly never had time to appreciate it’s grisly aesthetics before it was gone.
Costs $9 – Tastes like $12. 

– Nathaniel Warburton