Top five unbe-leaf-able plants

It’s no secret that indoor plants are (queue Mugatu) Hotter than Hansel right now. But to add even more fuel to the already raging indoor plant trend, there are now studies from NASA to show that certain species of flora are really benefiting our health.


Some of these plants that are completing the ultimate Scandinavian styled homes have been proven to improve sleep, mental health, and even our air quality.

Although there are many differences between your home/workspace and a NASA spaceship, there is a similarity between the poor air quality.

Plants have proven to be so good at what they do, offices now hire them for their workspaces to improve productivity and reduce stress. Plant hire companies send live plants to Corporate spaces and even events. They advertise the health benefits of the plants and encourage workspaces to not only appreciate these plants for their aesthetically appealing look but for their ability to clean air, promote good mental health by reducing stress levels and improving peoples moods. Naomi Burd is the owner of CoolCactus, an indoor-plant boutique in Armadale, Melbourne. Naomi believes that plants are “a key ingredient in a happy home or office environment.”

Before we continue on to the Naomi states that although most plants are simple to look after it is important to understand how often to water the plant and to make this a part of your daily routine. Below is some information on the health bonus that comes with your trendy, living décor. Some of these indoor plants are the best-selling ones from CoolCactus, particularly the Trailing plants for their draping look.


Get your Seasol and squirty bottles ready, you’re about to be schooled.

5 most popular indoor plants and their health benefits:

  1. Snake Plant.

In particular the ‘Snake Plant’ aka, the ‘Mother-in-laws tongue’ is recommended to help promote a good night’s sleep. According to a Clean Air study conducted by NASA, this plant is one of few that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. Thus, helping you sleep like a wee little baby.

  1. Devils Ivy.

This plant is as boujee as they come for interior decor. You can really judge a person by how long their ivy is… Not really. This plant is actually super low care, it only needs water once every five days and fertiliser once every two weeks. If the deep green leaves and easy-care isn’t a selling point, then perhaps the health benefits will be. This little beauty fights nasty toxins such as Xylene, benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. If you don’t know what that means (like me) it purifies the air. However, every rose has its thorn, (pun intended) this plant should be kept away from fur babies, and actual babies, it’s toxic.

  1. Aloe Vera (succulent)

This plant is a wonder plant and to top it off Aloe Vera literally survives off neglect.

Like the other plants, it has the ability to purify the air, however, it’s the other health benefits that make this plant an MVP.

This plant is a living first aid kit if you happen to burn yourself from the sun or in the kitchen, tear off the leaf tip and place the gel onto your skin for instant relief.

You can also make moisturizers, soaps, hair care and it’s edible so you can turn it into juice!

Aloe is the OG before the coconut oil craze. But wait, there is more… Aloe Vera can help with depression and even improve digestion read this article from Dr. Axe for more.

  1. Heartleaf philodendron

It does sound like a type of dinosaur but it is, in fact, another one of CoolCactus’s best-selling plants, and it is for that reason we would like to inform you of its health benefits. This deep green plant doesn’t just add a pop of colour in your darker rooms, it can reduce headaches by filtering the Volatile Organic Chemicals found in the air from air fresheners, cleaning products and carpets.

Like its fellow flora, it is too toxic. Naomi mentions that some plants are toxic to humans, but most are toxic to pets so it’s important to be careful with the placement of your plants – Keep them out of reach of little humans and doggos.

  1. Kentia Palm

Feeling those winter blues? Treat yourself with a Kentia Palm for that oasis, Bali vibe.

This bad boy is also easy peasy to look after, with only light watering and indirect sunlight he is happy in most areas of your home. Even take him to the bedroom, keeping in mind he is a slow grower… eh, eh. Not only does the vibrant green of the leaves pick your mood up instantly, He, like the others, purifies the air.


  1. Succulents and Cacti

Maybe you’re a succa for succulents, and if you are I bet you’ll be glad to hear that these little guys also help your health. It’s very likely most of you and your Nannas have a succulent in your home, or have deeply considered purchasing one, which is why I must mention they are more than just a cute… face? These fun plants are helping you breathe, zen out and even have the power to heal (see Aloe Vera). If you’re short of space these little guys are perfect to fit anywhere and so easy to grow. If you want more, simply put a cutting into another pot and watch it flourish. If you’re a first-time plant owner start off with a Succulent or Cacti and if you’re lucky, you may even be rewarded with a flower.

If you’re convinced you to need your air cleaned, your mood boosted, your house decked or your office Zen then nick down to Bunnings and get a snag and a plant – you’re ready.